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Rural village in East Africa

Helping to transform lives – one person at a time

By Claire Fuller | News | 28 June 2017

For those of you who are used to James popping in and saying hello during his travels up and down the country, we’re sorry, we know you’ve missed him this week as we’ve sent him a bit further afield!  Don’t worry – he’ll be back in a few days!

Take a quick look at our website and you’ll see that Yeomans is all about helping our clients to thrive and make more of a difference in their work.  In fact, you could say our passion is in seeing lives transformed, so, when we were privileged to be offered the opportunity to go and see first-hand the impact of a client’s work, we jumped at the chance – and sent James to East Africa!

Over the past week, James has gone “off grid” but still been able to send back some inspiring images.

He’s experienced sand storms and faced the changing weather of the African landscape:

African Sand storm

And when the sands have settled, he’s been able to see the life-changing impact of feeding programmes and food distribution points in rural East Africa.

East Africa Food Distribution

East Africa Feeding Programme in action

We’re looking forward to hearing the stories of the people James has met on his travels, but one thing is certain - visits and photos like these clearly show the amazing impact of the generosity of charity supporters, often thousands of miles away from the situation that they are selflessly supporting. 

This is just one example, but all over the world, we know that countless lives are being changed as a direct result of the generosity of donors!  It’s humbling to see the work in action and (if we ever need it), a great reminder of the reason to thank and encourage our supporters – helping them to see their vital role in changing lives! 

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