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    Rock UK provides outdoor adventure and residential experiences across the UK, producing annual brochures. These brochures were challenging as they had to convey a large amount of information including: choice of centre locations, range of accommodation, length of stay, pricing and range of activities. Rock UK had designed a “tabbed” brochure to clearly display the detailed information; they were now looking for a printer.


    Having confirmed the print quality and quantity required we took the newly designed brochure, proofed and colour matched it, then printed the required quantity of stepped brochures to meet Rock UK’s needs and budget.
Rock UK Brochure
Rock UK Brochure
Rock UK brochure 2 page spread
Rock UK brochure 2 page spread


    “It’s always a pleasure to work with Yeomans as they take the time to understand what we’re asking for and make suggestions to help us achieve that and more. It’s been great seeing reactions as people look at these brochures – not only is the layout helpful (and a bit different) but the clear, quality printing makes these little books stand out and say “look at me”! Thanks guys”

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