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Fundraising Consultancy: Case for Support Development

African Pastors Fellowship

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    African Pastors Fellowship (APF) identified an opportunity to grow income, for which they needed a stronger, clearer organisational Case for Support and Fundraising Proposition with which to engage and inspire donors.


    APF had identified an opportunity to grow income from Gifts in Wills but first needed to strengthen their organisational Case for Support.

    We took the team through a process of Discovery and Development, uncovering APF’s unique work and impact; and the opportunity a donor has to make a difference in the lives of African Pastors and their communities.

    We helped APF create a compelling Fundraising Proposition and strong, clear Case for Support information which has been implemented across their fundraising and marketing literature. We were then able to adapt the organisational Fundraising Proposition and Case for Support for their Gifts in Wills fundraising approach.

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