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We are an eclectic band of creative thinkers, strategic marketers, fundraising specialists, designers, developers, innovators, data gurus, print experts and project managers who love combining our knowledge and experience to help you fulfil your vision and achieve your goals. 

We’re here for you when you need us and carefully select the right people from the team to deliver you the best possible outcomes. 

  • Phil Broad

    Joint Managing Director

    Phil is steadfast and unflappable, providing the stable foundation on which Yeomans rests. 25 years in the industry has not dampened his enthusiasm to continually strive to combine a charitable heart with a business model of honesty and integrity.

    Additional training in accountancy and studying for a business studies degree with the Open University has enabled him to chart a course by which to steer the ship that is Yeomans on its journey of adventure.

    If Phil was an animal, he’d be a swan; calm, collected and gracefully (!) dealing with clients and the fundamentals of business management, whilst working furiously beneath the surface to ensure that everything comes together in the right way.

    Contact  Phil
  • Alistair Hill

    Joint Managing Director

    Alistair’s been at the heart of the business since day one, having co-founded Yeomans with Phil in 2004. He adopts a hands-on approach to the business, and has overall responsibility for production.

    Apprenticed into the reprographics trade at the age of sixteen, he possesses wide-ranging experience of the print industry from sales, IT infrastructure and team management through to production. He’s got overall responsibility for Client Services management and products and service delivery and is a safe pair of hands you can rely on to get the job done in the right way and on time!

    If AA Milne had known Alistair, he’d have based his ‘Tigger’ character on him! He has seemingly boundless reserves of energy and an infectious good humour which sets the tone for the office.

    Contact  Alistair
  • James Wilmshurst

    Director of Business Development

    During a successful career in the army, James served in several developing countries and conflict situations where he came face-to-face with extreme poverty. His experiences have led him to use his infectious energy and enthusiasm to help charities and NGOs launch highly effective, cross-platform campaigns that recruit new supporters, raise awareness and increase funding opportunities.

    He’s passionate about developing long-term relationships with clients that are built on trust and his personal commitment to the cause.

    (Editor’s note: James’ ‘infectious energy’ is an understatement. If you’ve met him, you know what I mean – it’s like having a pet whirlwind around!)

    Contact  James
  • Andy Quickenden-Smith

    Data, Process & Compliance Manager

    As Yeomans continues to grow in the number of organisations we are helping it is imperative that we have our own systems in place so that we can serve you to the best of our ability.

    Andy keeps a watchful eye over the internal workings of Yeomans and advises where policies and procedures need to be amended to maintain best practice.

    Andy also carries a wealth of knowledge of data management and analysis, mailing and postal information having spent over thirty years working for Royal Mail and mailing houses.

    Additionally, Andy oversees all of our Digital projects supported by his dedicated team.

    Outside of work Andy’s passions are singing, theatre and baking!

    Contact  Andy
  • Davin Archer

    Account Director

    Davin has more than 30 years’ experience and is truly an expert when it comes to all things print. His knowledge and willingness to share his expertise makes him the perfect person to manage your projects. His informal professionalism make him an ideal member of the Yeomans team.

    When he’s not busy managing your projects Davin enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, relaxing with a spot of fishing or hitting a small white ball towards a hole in the distance.

    Contact  Davin
  • Toni Shea

    Account Manager

    Toni is supremely efficient, great fun and the ideal person to be managing every aspect of your account.

    She gained her in-depth knowledge of corporate print while working in London for international banks and leading law firms. Looking for a more rewarding challenge that suited her compassionate nature, Toni joined the team at Yeomans in summer 2011. After taking a short break to have her first baby, Toni was thrilled to return to her vital management role at the sharp end of the Yeomans team.

    Toni loves being a mum, especially when it comes to watching her sons jumping on trampolines and making dens in the woods. She's a big fan of the great outdoors and enjoys nothing more than taking time out with friends to walk, hike, cycle and camp.

    Contact  Toni
  • Becs Hewitt

    Account Manager

    Becs joined the team at the end of 2018 and her calm, caring and organised approach has shone through since day 1, making her a great Account Manager and a real asset to the team.   

    Becs has always had a passion for supporting charities, so she is excited to have joined a team and organisation where she can encounter many different charities and challenges on a regular basis.

    With Account Management and Creative Services experience in both Marketing and Advertising agencies, Becs brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team having spent many years managing campaigns, events and studio work flow.

    Outside of work Becs enjoys spending time with her family (including the cat) and unwinding with a bit of yoga and a good book to read (though probably not all at the same time!)

    Contact  Becs
  • Alison Glasspool

    Fundraising Consultant

    Alison has more than 17 years of charity experience across operational, management, grants, tendering and research roles with organisations including Tearfund and Spurgeons. Her passion is to enable charities to become more effective at delivering their mission and having the resources to do so. You could say she has the charity ‘Bug!

  • Helen Hill

    Client Support Services Team Leader

    Helen’s wealth of experience makes her the ideal choice for leading our Client Support Services team. Trained in office management and also a qualified teacher she brings process and order where chaos might ordinarily reign!

    She doesn’t give out homework or detention anymore but she does say that there are many similarities between the office and the classroom – well maybe that’s just our office!

    Outside of work she has found a new passion in gardening and enjoys being outdoors walking her dog. She is gifted in hospitality and loves spending time with family and friends – ‘it makes for a busy house’ she says, ‘but one that is always full of love and laughter’.

    Contact  Helen
  • Alison Thomas

    Office Manager

    With 40+ years of admin experience including property management, financial services and customer service, Alison works hard to ensure we don’t run out of hand sanitiser and toilet rolls, keeps an eye on H&S compliance and provides administrative support on client projects. 

    Alison enjoys motorbike holidays and most weekends are spent on the back of a Triumph Thunderbird in search of the best greasy spoon café in Kent. 

    Her favourite Incredible is Edna Mode – sewing is a super power.

    Contact  Alison
  • Steve McDonough-Cooper

    Head of Digital

    In between family life with a wife and 4 children, motorcycling, running, cycling, boating, music production, drone piloting and watching Manchester United, Steve does some work...

    Fortunately, he's been heavily involved in the digital/IT world for over 30 years, meaning what he DOESN'T know about the web, social media, mobile, DiTV, UX/CX, audio/video and marketing across these channels and technologies, PROBABLY isn't worth knowing. Equally, if any area does leave him 'stumped', there'll be someone in his ridiculously large network of contacts that's just a call away.

    "No can do", is not in Steve's vocabulary.

    Contact  Steve
  • Trevor Spink

    Systems Architect

    Having worked on delivering web solutions for more than 25 years (he first started building sites for Netscape 1.1), Trevor is our expert in building your online success.

    He has extensive project management experience as well as providing first class sales support, business analysis and digital business consultancy.

    Trevor is a highly skilled developer and solution architect, he’s been lead developer for 100’s of websites and online solutions, his knowledge extends through all technology tiers, UX design, client side frameworks, object orientated backend software, API integration, database, cloud hosting, and he is proficient in a wide range of software languages.

    Contact  Trevor
  • Luke Thompson


    Luke joined the team in October 2019, helping to manage IT projects and be your first line of website support.

    Luke is a very quick learner and has gained skills with a range of systems and CMS, working with .NET, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla platforms.

    The same speed of learning cannot be said with learning languages as he is currently, and very slowly, learning Polish.

    Contact  Luke
  • Clare Brooker

    Creative Lead

    After graduating with a first class honours degree in Graphic Design from the Norwich School of Art and Design Clare has worked in multi-disciplinary design agencies across London and the South East. Clients have included Sainsbury's, Elemis, Vichy, Local Government and the Charity Sector including Habitat for Humanity and Send a Cow. She has a passion for concept driven design and creating work that inspires.

  • Robert Sayell

    Senior Creative

    Robert loves to use his creativity to make a difference to people's lives, especially when it comes to helping people out of poverty.

    A true professional with over 30 years' experience, Robert has worked on a huge number of projects for organisations ranging from charities through to major blue chip clients. Highlights of his career include five years in the USA gaining invaluable experience as a designer with the global charity, Habitat for Humanity.

    Being part of a talented, unpretentious team that works together to make a real difference to people's lives is something Robert values greatly about working with Yeomans.

    In his spare time, Robert is an avid collector. There's nothing he enjoys more than coming across 1930s tea sets, plastic kitsch, and objet d'art that he considers worthy of a place in his home.

    He enjoys fashion, loves visiting galleries and museums and has a reputation for being a bit of a foodie when entertaining friends.

  • Charlotte Hull

    Senior Creative

    Charlotte is an integral part of the creative and design team – with her energy and imaginative vision, there’s no-one better!

    Her passion for design was nurtured while working on accounts including the Jordan F1 Racing Team, Saatchi & Saatchi and Department of Health. This experience alongside her unparalleled eye for detail, foster a reputation for excellence of which we are justly proud.

  • Jason Chan

    Data Processor

    Jason is a rare talent who derives great pleasure and personal satisfaction from analysing and processing data.

    Before joining the production team at Yeomans in 2013, Jason had gathered invaluable experience in a variety of office jobs. Self-taught in Visual Basic Macro Coding, Jason has also completed a course to become a Frontstream Certified Consultant. With his painstaking attention to detail, Jason is the ideal person to entrust with all your data processing requirements.

    When his eyes are not glued to a computer screen, Jason loves to sing. His passion for singing has led him to perform in public where he's won several competitions, which have also tempted him to audition for the X Factor! When he's not singing, Jason enjoys relaxing by playing the piano, pool and chess. He's also a dab hand at keeping all the balls in the air with his juggling skills.

  • Bradley Coombes

    Production Manager

    With 17 years’ experience in the print industry (12 of those spent working nights), we welcomed Bradley to the Yeomans team in October 2017.  He was attracted to join Yeomans because of our strong company values and team (and because he wouldn’t be working nights!)  He’s certainly fitted straight in.

    Bradley’s role as Production Manager is busy and varied, no two days are the same.  The art of juggling deadlines and managing his team is definitely something Bradley’s well prepared for… he has 3 children and coaches his local under 10’s football team, so is always up for a challenge.  Add his love of sport and (sea)food to the mix and Bradley fits in really well with the Yeomans team – you never have to look too far to find food here!

  • Michael Wray

    Digital Print Manager

    Michael joined us in December 2013, to manage our digital print and variable data. With an uncanny problem-solving ability he’s our very own Sherlock! Mike fuses a lifelong passion for skateboarding with a desire to help nurture young people by teaching at his local youth club.

  • Becky Horton

    Office Administrator

    Becky originally joined the team in 2009 and after a brief “sabbatical” during which she became mum to 2 beautiful daughters, she missed us so much that she made her return in October 2017.

    Becky describes her main passions in life as Eating, Drinking and Sleeping - particularly enjoying food that someone else has cooked, or that’s disguised as chocolate!  We’d also add that her passion for customer service shines through in her approach to the client projects she works on – she always takes the time to listen and care for the charity supporters she comes into contact with. 

    Contact  Becky
  • Michelle Hollman

    Office Administrator

    Michelle joined the team in October 2017, working on a part-time, job share basis with Becky, providing administrative support on client projects, including supporter care.

    Michelle’s calm, methodical and dedicated approach is a great asset to the team, particularly on those days when the office gets an influx of appeal responses and a well-timed thank you is just what’s needed!

    Away from work, Michelle loves nothing more than spending time with her family and socialising with close friends.

    Contact  Michelle
  • Jo Nutley

    Print Finisher

    Jo can turn her hand to anything.

    Jo excelled in litho before moving in to digital print over eight years ago. With more than 20 years experience in print finishing she takes enormous pride in her finishing, knowing that it can make all the difference to how a printed piece ends up looking and feeling.

    Jo is a big Star Wars fan. She loves reading, socialising with friends and keeping fit in the gym.

  • Tracey Gravenell

    Inkjet Operator

    Tracey is both speed and efficiency personified.

    With 18 years in the print and mailing industry under her belt, Tracey has all the credentials and experience to be responsible for operating our inkjet equipment. Her exacting standards and ability to instantly spot if something is wrong makes her indispensable in our mailing division.

    Tracey is a great book lover and can often be seen immersed in a John Grisham novel or the latest thriller during her lunch breaks. Her other passions include knitting, walking and protecting endangered animals.

Current Vacancies Freelance Opportunities

We're always on the lookout for new talent, so if you’re bright, ambitious and bursting with enthusiasm but can't see a vacancy listed below that’s perfect for you right now, we'd still love to hear from you!  Let’s start a conversation – send us your CV at careers@weareyeomans.co.uk and tell us why you want to work for Yeomans!

Details of current vacancies within our team are posted below:

If you’re a creative graphic designer or copywriter and would like to work in a busy, energetic studio please contact us for details of our current freelance opportunities. Let’s start a conversation - please send your CV, work samples and covering letter to careers@weareyeomans.co.uk and we’ll be in touch!

Are you a bid writer or Trust Fundraiser?  Would you like to join our Fundraising Consultancy Team and be the person who enables inspirational charities to access vital funds?  If you're interested in finding out more about opportunities to join the Yeomans Fundraising Team please contact us at careers@weareyeomans.co.uk with your CV and covering letter.


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