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Burrswood Health and Wellbeing

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    Burrswood Christian Hospital identified a need to grow income. Following a Discovery Workshop to engage the wider team in marketing and fundraising, we were invited to provide interim income development support.


    Soon after, Burrswood took a change of direction – to create Burrswood Health and Wellbeing. For the transition one of our team was seconded to the Executive Team as Business Development Director.
    This involved critical communications management for Burrswood’s varied stakeholders, developing new branding, implementing tactical sales and marketing activities and managing a campaign to raise funds for the transition (£1m from major donors and trusts, in under 6 months).
Burrswood brand guidelines 1
Burrswood brand guidelines 1
Burrswood Brand Guidelines 2
Burrswood Brand Guidelines 2
Burrwsood Brand Guidelines 3
Burrwsood Brand Guidelines 3

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