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    ellenor is a local Hospice with the mission ”to lead and coordinate the best personalised care for all ages, sharing expertise to ensure that all families facing terminal illness get the right support in the best place possible, enabling them to make the most of the time they have.”

    Having built a strong relationship with the team at ellenor by working alongside them on various projects including newsletters, appeals and point of sale items, we were delighted to be approached to assist with the design and production of their annual Impact Report.

    The ellenor team wanted to create an eye-catching Impact Report to show their audience the year’s achievements. They were specifically aiming to develop a publication which would thank, inspire, educate, inform, and prompt giving and support.


    We worked closely with the ellenor team to develop the brief, then created a clear publication which included distinct elements such as hand drawn illustrations to convey the key messages that ellenor wished to share, whilst staying true to their brand.

    Our studio team made the design engaging and impactful, whilst also ensuring the statistics/information were clearly visible so that readers would be well informed.
ellenor impact report cover
ellenor impact report cover
ellenor impact report
ellenor impact report
ellenor impact report 2
ellenor impact report 2


    “The Impact Report has just arrived and looks fab! – Very positive feedback from the team”. (Head of Marketing and Communications, ellenor)

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