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    The Mission to Seafarers (MtS) is one of the largest port-based welfare operators in the world, providing a service in around 200 ports across 50 countries.

    Amongst their many fundraising and awareness raising activities, Sea Sunday is the main campaign that MtS embarks on each year. This is a celebration by the main Christian churches of the lives and work of the global workforce of 1.5 million seafarers and their families, and recognises the vital work of maritime charities.

    MtS wished to run a multi-channel campaign to engage existing and recruit new churches to engage with Sea Sunday. As part of this campaign, they approached us to create an engaging video that could be shown during Sea Sunday services as well as featuring on their website and social media channels.

    The main purposes of the video were to invite people to take part in Sea Sunday, to raise awareness (amongst those who’ve not yet heard of MtS’ work) and to inspire existing supporters to deepen their engagement with the charity.


    Working with the team at MtS we developed a short film which met the following requirements:

    • The Bishop of Hull giving a message of support for MtS
    • A 4-minute uplifting and engaging video with a shorter edit for use on social media
    • Use of as much imagery and music as possible (including drone footage at sea)
    • Appropriate for more than 1 year’s use
    The film also conveyed the following key messages:
    • By supporting MtS the public is ensuring MtS’ work can continue and no seafarer will be left alone and abandoned
    • People can support MtS through donations or prayer, and becoming a: volunteer ship visitor, church speaker or woolly hat knitter. There is a role for everyone with MtS!

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