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Herd of the Hospice is a public art installation of 25 uniquely painted life-sized horse sculptures

Celebrating supporters and putting our best foot (or hoof) forward...

ByClaire Fuller |FundraisingMarketingEventsNews |30 May 2017

What does a normal day look like for you?  Does such a thing even exist? 

I’ve recently been challenged to describe “a day in the life” of Yeomans and have come to the conclusion there’s no such thing as a “standard” day here.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been excited to:

  • Welcome a film crew for a day of interviewing
  • Visit a local school and run a work experience session for a student who may not have had this opportunity otherwise
  • Run a Major Donor Masterclass for 16 people
  • Event Manage a conference for nearly 400 people
  • Devote ourselves to working on the many and varied projects of our clients, helping you to make even more of a difference

Our heart truly beats with the desire to see you thrive and we love an opportunity to get behind a cause, so we are really excited to have taken on the challenge of becoming the main sponsor of a local campaign called “Herd of the Hospice?”  This campaign will see 24 hand painted, life-sized horse sculptures galloping into positions around local towns this summer as part of a public art installation.

5 reasons why supporters are motivated to get involved

We've chosen to support our local Hospice’s “Herd of the Hospice?” campaign (www.herdofthehospice.co.uk) for a number of reasons and we’ve no doubt that these are likely to reflect the decision making process of many charity supporters.

  1. The charity is local – For many people, choosing to support a charity that’s local is important to them, not least because it’s often small, local charities which are worst hit by financial cuts.  Supporting a local cause can also be a great encouragement to supporters as they’re able to see first-hand the impact of their support

  2. The charity exists to meet needs and your support can help them to do this – When choosing to get involved with a cause, many supporters are motivated to give because they trust the charity and know how their donation will be valued and the difference it will make

  3. Personal connection to the cause – As research shows, one of the main reasons people are likely to give to a cause is because they feel connected to it and are personally motivated to respond.  In the case of choosing to support the Hospice in the Weald’s latest campaign, there is a personal connection for Alistair Hill (one of Yeomans’ MDs) and his family, who remain extremely grateful to the team at the Hospice for providing great care, love and support whilst his mum bravely fought, and sadly lost, her battle against cancer in 2015

  4. Other people will know about us through our involvement – As a local business, choosing to support a local charity makes sense in terms of publicity and visibility (as you can see at www.weareyeomans.co.uk/herd).  For many individuals, there can also be a sense of pride in supporting a charity and knowing that you are helping to make a difference

  5. Supporters feel valued and celebrated – It’s no secret that donors like to be thanked and to feel that their contribution is valued.  The Hospice in the Weald are very much aware of the level of support they receive from their local community and they have chosen to run this public art installation as a way to thank supporters and create a fun experience for the local community which the Hospice serves, in addition to raising additional awareness and funds

 We’d love to hear what motivates you and your donors to support charitable causes.  Knowing what motivates people can be extremely helpful when developing future campaigns.  So, if you’d like a hand with developing your next fundraising campaign or event, please get in touch, we’d love to help you make even more of an impact.


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Herd of the Hospice, Hospice in the Weald

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