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GDPR - Change is coming, it's inevitable. Progress, however, is optional!

Byaqs |NewsMarketingFundraisingMailingPrint |26 March 2018

May 25th 2018 will bring about some significant changes to an individual’s rights on how their personal data is managed and how they can be marketed to.

The marketing industry has to unlock potential – we must create innovative communications in a post GDPR world – the opportunities are astonishing!

In a recent DMA survey it was revealed that:

  • 61% of consumers are happy with the amount of data they shared
  • 86% want more control over their personal data
  • 88% would like more transparency about how their data is collected and used

Trust is the most important factor to encourage data sharing – people will choose to share their data with brands they trust. If individuals trust your brand they will trust you with their data and trust that you will treat it with respect.

Personal data is going to become the fuel that makes our economy function.

Having or gaining ongoing consent is the greatest position you can hold with your data subjects.

Legitimate interest is not the “Holy Grail” or the “Buckstop position”. Organisations will need to prove that Legitimate Interest is a legal basis for communications – and that doesn’t mean just saying it is. They will need to carry out a Legitimate Interest Assessment and prove a legal basis for ongoing communications.

Data is both an asset and a liability. Good, open & honest data management is going to be paramount for your customers (supporters) to trust you with their personal details. Ensure you collect data for a purpose – but don’t make the purpose “data collection”. The purpose should be specific – if you need to collect mailing addresses to offer a free gift – do that, don’t further use it to market for other opportunities or events. Equally don’t blanket collect data that you might need one day!

Your heart and head will tell you what’s fair. It won’t be fair if “I don’t tell you what I’m doing and I don’t give you the opportunity to ask me to stop”.

The DMA code of practice states 5 key steps:

  • Put your customers first
  • Respect privacy
  • Be honest and fair
  • Be diligent with data
  • Take responsibility

For more advice on responding to GDPR, why not attend our data workshop on 24th April 2018.  Spaces are strictly limited and filling up fast so find out more here


Direct Marketing Association’s Data Protection 2018 Conference

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