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Happy Valentines Day

How will you show that you love your donors today?

ByClaire Fuller |FundraisingCreativeNews |14 February 2018

This Valentine’s Day, how are you looking after your donors, showing them you care and that you recognize the vital importance of their contribution to your mission?

Today, with the challenges and opportunities of increased regulation (e.g. GDPR), it’s more important than ever that charities look after their existing donors and build relationships that will stand the test of time.

It’s well known that a donor who feels valued, nurtured and believes that their support truly does make a difference to your charity, is more likely to continue to support and donate to, the cause.

So, how can you help your donors feel valued?  Here are just a few tips.

10 ways to show that you #LoveYourDonor this Valentine’s Day (and beyond):

  1. Send immediate, personalised thank you messages when a donation is made – This inspires confidence as your supporter knows that their donation has got to the right place and is important to your charity, it can also enable your donor to identify further with the cause they are supporting

  2. Send a simple and meaningful survey to your donors during the year (and act upon the results) – this helps you to gain greater insight and shows them that you are interested in their thoughts, feelings and that they really do matter to you

  3. Get to know how your supporters want to be involved with your charity and communicate with them about this – if they are interested in standing with your charity by attending events or volunteering, but can’t support it financially, focus your communications with them on what they are interested in, not on asking for money

  4. Collect and publish compelling stories of supporter involvement and delight - Real stories are a great way to inspire and encourage current supporters and potential supporters by showing the value and importance of their contribution

  5. Thank your donor specifically for the project/cause they’ve contributed to - show them the impact that their support has had and put as much passion and emotion into the message of thanks as you did to the message that they initially responded to

  6. Avoid making a request for a donation at the same time as saying thank you - communications shouldn’t all include donation requests.  Aim to build lasting relationships through sharing information and presenting tangible opportunities for your supporter to connect with you

  7. Send donors a little gift – Nothing extravagant (maybe a picture of someone your charity has helped), just enough to let them know you care about them and are grateful for their support. Make it unexpected – surprise them!

  8. Arrange a face to face meeting with your donor – With no other motive than to have a chat, get to know them and demonstrate that they’re important and much more than just a number on a database

  9. Send them a birthday card – (If you know their birthday), this shows that you care about them and their data when the card lands on the right day!

  10. Involve trustees in thanking donors for their support – This strengthens both the involvement of trustees in the charity (as they hear more stories about why people choose to get involved), and supporters who feel valued and respected. 

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. If you’d like to explore ways that we can help you retain and nurture your supporters more, please contact us today – let’s chat!

References and Acknowledgements:

From a previous Yeomans blog (2016) entitled “3 Ways to communicate more effectively with your Donors – “Delight” them!

Pamela Grow

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