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Excited football fans

I love the World Cup and I love the beautiful game

ByPhil Broad |NewsEvents |27 June 2018

I love the World Cup and I love the beautiful game. Who’d have known that such a passion for the game would make me ‘boring’ in the office? The irony of me getting Panama in the company sweepstake didn’t go unnoticed.

Talking of Sunday’s game (England v Panama) – how interesting it was to come to the office on Monday and discover the emergence of so many newly qualified football pundits.

I enjoyed watching the England Netball team win the Commonwealth Gold but it didn’t make me an expert in the game nor feel qualified to become a pundit, yet somehow when it comes to football, after one emphatic win – everyone becomes the expert.

So here are my top 10 (+1) observations to help you differentiate a genuine football supporter from your fair-weather fans.

A fair-weather fan will:

  • think Gary Southgate is doing a great job
  • think Harry Styles plays up front
  • be sporting all the latest apparel from Sainsburys or Asda
  • hope there is a penalty shoot out
  • be disappointed that Becks isn’t in the starting 11
  • only watch the England games
  • look forward to the ‘interval’
  • think players get paid too much and shouldn’t get anymore when the game goes into overtime
  • say ‘it’s only a game’
  • reminisce about Madonna handling the ball into the net
  • think England last won the Cup in 1066

A genuine football supporter will:

  • do none of the above!

Be careful what you say – it just might expose you.

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