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Predicted changes to Facebook use for Marketing (part 2)

ByClaire Fuller |MarketingNewsDigitalSocial Media |29 March 2017

Having previously explored 10 predictions from the pros at Social Media Examiner for changes in Facebook use, the list continues.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in your use of social media, or are just starting to explore the possibilities of social media for raising awareness of your organisation, the following 9 predictions for developments in Facebook are interesting to consider.

9 more expert predictions for developments in Facebook 

  1. New technology will allow marketers to create live shows, striking a balance between creating a professional production and being approachable – (Leslie Samuel, owner of Become a Blogger)
  2. In 2017, live video, will be the main way that organisations will become discoverable on Social Media (Paul Colligan, author of How to Stream Live Video)
  3. Facebook is likely to look to move towards a video-first position, rather than just focussing on written posts (Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich)
  4. People may start moving away from Facebook groups for their online community this year.  Marketers should be building on their own turf rather than on separate group pages (Mike Morrison, half of The Membership Guys)
  5. More organisations will be using Facebook Live to make broadcasts to their audiences, so make sure your live feeds are strategically prepared (Jasmine Star, internationally recognised photographer)
  6. Facebook is planning to put a camera at the centre of the user experience, rather than a text box (Ana Hoffman, blogs at Traffic Generation Café)
  7. There is a strong potential that Facebook is likely to continue to push towards augmented reality and mixed reality (Cathy Hackl, a nationally recognised live video and VR/AR influencer and speaker)
  8.  Marketers will have to get smart to stay ahead of the curve and communicate effectively to their audience, focusing on higher quality, professional broadcasts on Facebook – (Ian Anderson Gray founder of Seriously Social)
  9. It is likely that Facebook will move into the social customer service space through Facebook Messenger and ratings/reviews (Daniel Lemin, bestselling author of Manipurated)

Do you need help with your organisational use of social media?  Whether it’s developing your strategy for the year ahead, writing your campaign messages or building your target audience, we can help.  Just get in touch – we’d love to chat and work with you to make your social media use even more of a success.  


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