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Alarm clock wake up

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

ByClaire Fuller |NewsFundraisingCreativeMarketing |12 July 2018

Following my recent blog about the factors that motivated me to sign up to walk a marathon (read “why did your supporter choose to support your cause, and does it matter?”), I’ve been reflecting on the reasons that drive people to take certain actions, or support particular causes.

I’ve been wondering whether there’s one factor that motivates individuals beyond anything else, and if so, what is it and why is it useful to know?

I took my thoughts to the Yeomans team and asked them the simple question: “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?”

Apart from the more literal answers of “the alarm clock” or “my partner”, the range of responses was really interesting as the selection below shows. 

What motivates members of the Yeomans team?

  1. “I love people and helping them work out exactly how Yeomans can fit in to the work that they do and helping them achieve their goals and tell their story”
  2. “I was raised to always think of others before myself and that giving is more important than getting.  Designing for the benefit of others is the perfect path for these values”
  3. “It is great with the clients we work with that the energy and passion put into our work goes towards delivering something that can directly impact lives. This is a powerful thought and one that makes getting out of bed in the morning that little bit easier! That and a 3 year old that doesn’t know that 5.30am is far too early!”
  4. “I have always felt a passion for putting God at the centre and to see the Church at the centre of the Community, by working at Yeomans it means I am able to work with charities and organisations that share this same passion”
  5. “From a young age I have always been interested in baking! However, life’s twists and turns meant that a career in bakery wasn’t really an option, but it has led to a lifelong passion for baking and cookery in general – I find the kitchen to be a happy and relaxing place”
  6. “I was offered the opportunity to set up fundraising programme and met 500 youth leaders in a year. Hearing about the life-transforming work they did with young people transformed my own perspective and enabled me to see how my work helped make theirs possible. Since then I’ve worked with many charities and know that, somewhere along the line, my work helps improve people’s lives around the world. That’s not just worth getting out of bed for… it’s compulsory!”
  7. “I try to do whatever I can to make a positive impact and help others. I’ve always been motivated to serve others.”
  8. “Since a young age I have always been interested in marketing and how it can be used to tell a story and help others”

Child with megaphone

Motivation really does shape actions

We often describe the Yeomans team as an eclectic mix of people, but this exercise has been particularly interesting in demonstrating a common theme.  Many members of our team are motivated by the shared passion to serve others and make a difference.

Yes, each member of the team is unique – we all look different, sound different and have our own likes, dislikes, dreams and abilities, but we’ve undoubtedly been drawn to work for an organisation whose values fit somewhat with our own worldview and motivation.

Is the same true of you, your colleagues and your organisation?  Do you have a shared passion and motivation for a cause?  What gets YOU out of bed in the morning?

How does understanding motivation help increase support?

If people make career choices based on deep-rooted convictions, how much is this also likely to be true of their decision to support charitable causes? 

Researching the motivations and values of your supporters could provide some helpful new insight for your organisation.  Tailoring key messages to fit with supporter values and passions will help them to engage and could ultimately gain you new supporters who share these same values.  It's important to remember that when it comes to fundraising communications, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all!  

Would you like help with finding out about the motivations of your team, volunteers and supporters?  Are you looking for advice on structuring your next campaign to engage with supporter worldviews? Please get in touch with us today, we'd love to help you make even more of a difference!

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