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James at African food distribution point

What happens when lives change before your eyes?

ByClaire Fuller |FundraisingNewsMarketingCopywriting |27 July 2017

Over the last 13+ years we have had the pleasure of serving many wonderful charities.  We take the time to get to know each of our clients and the impact of their work, but when we have the opportunity to really get in amongst the work it’s not only a great privilege for us;  it also equips us to  assist charities even further with telling their stories and making a great impact.

In recent years we’ve been found building homes in South Africa, visiting orphanages in Vietnam, visiting prisons in Mongolia, serving those who live on the streets of the UK, buying flocks of sheep and a tractor in Moldova or visiting remote communities in Africa.  The adventure doesn’t stop there!

Giving thanks for food

Recently, James was honoured to be invited to Africa by one of our clients, to see for himself the work they are doing there to supply aid to, and work with, vulnerable people.  Being able to visit projects like this is truly humbling.  Not only do these experiences help us see the difference that our clients make (and the part that Yeomans plays in enabling this); it also gives us the first-hand perspective that is so valuable when helping to tell client stories.

Having returned from his travels, the dust may have washed off James’ feet, but the memories will remain, as will the inspirational stories which so clearly exhibit the invaluable work of charities in transforming lives and bringing about change.

Responding to drought in dangerous situations

Refugee child in Africa

Imagine having to walk for 3 days to reach food and water, and being fearful for your safety throughout your travels.

This was just one of the (not uncommon) stories James heard when visiting food programmes in Kenya where a church is providing food and water to nomadic people as a response to drought.  He heard of inspirational leaders, driving around dangerous areas, risking their own safety whilst advising people where the nearest bore holes were and offering them places to stay and receive food and water.

Where orphans find hope for the future

Refugees at Food Distribution point

When visiting a refugee camp in Uganda which sees approximately 2,000 new refugees every day, James was particularly struck by the story of a 12 year old boy from Sudan.  Having fled from persecution, his family were cruelly murdered and he found himself joining to walk with another group.  Further along the road this group were attacked too; again the boy found he was alone and scared.  He was forced to hide, malnourished and exhausted, until he was found 2 days later and taken by a family to the refugee camp where he was provided with food, a place to stay and counselling after the horrors he’d experienced.

Working together, we can meet the greatest needs

Despite hearing some difficult stories, James was greatly encouraged to see different organisations working together in challenging circumstances to meet the huge needs caused by drought and war.   He truly felt that he was seeing lives transformed in front of his eyes through feeding programmes and social enterprise schemes and experienced the reality of “getting amongst the work”, going where the need is greatest. 

It is in building relationships with our clients and seeing things through their eyes that we are equipped to help them tell their story and do more good.  We appreciate how charities work in different cultures and take care to ensure they are good stewards of the resources available to them from generous supporters.

Please get in touch to find out how we can use our experience of seeing lives transformed to help you tell your story, reach more people and make an even greater difference.

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Photos courtesy of James Wilmshurst

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